I am an attorney-at-law providing legal advice for small and medium-size business. I am fluent in English and Lithuanian. Expertise in business law I gained throughout few years of work at a law firm, where I was responsible for providing legal assistance to business clients, and as an independent lawyer at Revisio sp. z o. o. I graduated from law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and was awarded LL.M. degree in European law at Stockholm University.


Every day I support my clients in running their business. I assist in negotiating contracts, advise on employment matters, help to collecting debts and conduct litigation. I also suggest possible ways to restructure business in order to optimize liability risk. On the other hand, I provide assistance for those who are just planning to start a business. I help them to choose a right partnership or company and lead them step by step through all formalities.


My feature is pragmatic and goal-oriented approach in solving tax and legal issues. I believe that every entrepreneur needs lawyer’s assistance not only to solve problems, but mostly to prevent them. I know how important is to get the right answer at a right time. Therefore, I do my best to be on hand when I am needed. Over time, I try to learn clients’ business and goals in order to be able to provide legal advice taking into account the overall client’s interests.


Starting a business


If you are planning to start a business in Poland and you are not sure what kind of undertaking would be suitable for you and/or you need someone to lead you step by step through all formalities, you may consider my services:

  • analysing type and scope of planned business,
  • advising on the choice of suitable type of business undertaking,
  • drafting of memorandum and articles of association,
  • registering partnership or company with registrar, tax authorities and statistics authorities,
  • drafting of corporate inner documents such as resolutions, bylaws etc.,
  • advising on organising safe and optimal structure for running your business.

Legal advice for operating business


Once started a business, every day you are facing challenges not only to build your position on the market, but also to meet all the formal requirements prescribed by law and to reduce the possible risk.

In order to support you in safe operating of your business, I offer the following scope of services:

  • drafting and negotiating of contracts,
  • advising on employment issues,
  • drafting inner corporate documents such as resolutions, bylaws etc.,
  • advising on restructuring business and acquisitions,
  • advising on purchase and sale of real estate,
  • representing client before authorities, in particular before National Social Security and National Labour Inspectorate,
  • collecting debts.



Litigation is like a game. Being on the right side is not always enough to win. What you need is to know the rules of the game, be able to prove you are right and have experience in both of these. In case you lack any of these skills you may consider my services:

  • case background analysis,
  • building dispute strategy,
  • estimating costs of litigation,
  • drafting of a bargaining proposal,
  • filing a claim and filing appeals,
  • representing client before a court,
  • representing client in execution proceedings.

Debt collection


Unpaid debts is a problem suffered by most of business undertakings. Sometimes it is enough to send debtor a payment request. However, if it has not brought expected result, it may be time to consider filing a claim. I offer following services concerning debt collection:

  • serving debtor with a payment request,
  • filing a claim in appropriate proceedings,
  • representing client before a court,
  • epresenting client in execution proceedings.


I have gained expertise in providing legal advice for small and medium-size business throughout few years of work at a law firm and as an independent lawyer at Revisio sp. z o. o. So far, I have been mainly involved in providing legal assistance in the following matters:

  • partnership and company formation and registration,
  • business restructuring and acquisitions,
  • negotiating business contracts,
  • taxation and tax disputes,
  • employment,
  • litigation and enforcement proceedings..

Among industry sectors I worked for are pharma sector, advertising and digital media, sports, glass packaging and real estate.


Kamil Dybiec Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego

ul. Poznańska 62 lok. 23, 60-853 Poznań

+48 721 418 834